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Make it count.

Hi, I'm Buddy

Your smart toilet assistant

Buddy will never forget to flush.

Even after your child or partner.

Automatically flushed

Sharing a toilet with your housemates can be surprisingly tricky. Luckily there’s Buddy to save the day.

For your comfort

Enjoy your peaceful slumber, while Buddy leads the way with its soft night light.

Water efficient

Buddy cares for the environment and helps you take care of your wallet too.

Henry van de Velde

Award winning design

Always clean

Messy kids, sloppy husbands, pets with no boundaries… Living with housemates can be tough. And disgusting sometimes. Luckily you can always count on Buddy.

Automatically flushed

Nothing more annoying than discovering that the person before you forgot to flush. Whenever you need a time-out in the smallest room in the house, Buddy makes sure it’s always spick and span. And were you busy, in a hurry or distracted and forgot to flush yourself? No worries, Buddy discreetly erases your tracks.

No embarrassing moments

Touch less, control more. From now on, just smile and wave as if you’re royalty: Buddy detects your hand gesture and activates a small or large flush for you.

Overflow protection

Once and for all, say goodbye to overflowing toilets. When Buddy detects a clog and the toilet is in danger of overflowing, Buddy automatically stops
with flushing.

Buddy will never leave you in the dark.

Not even at night.


Your sleep is sacred. But when nature calls, you have to go. Even at night. Thanks to Buddy, you will no longer be blinded by the bright bathroom light. As NightGuide casts a subtle indirect light to safely guide you towards the throne, you can stay in your drowsy slumber.

Save the planet.

And your wallet.

Smart Detect

The second largest water consumer in the house? Surprise, it’s not your teenage daughter, but your toilet. Flushing money down the drain is now a thing of the past. With Smart Detect, Buddy helps you to save water.

Every drop counts

Whatever your message, Buddy gets it. Thanks to its Smart Detect technology, Buddy adapts the amount of water needed to flush. This smart toilet assistant knows you care for the environment, and now, it helps you to take care of your wallet too.

Standing use

Buddy can easily tell if you’re a stand-up guy. Whenever a man has to take a quick leak, Buddy rinses the toilet afterwards with a small amount of water. Just don’t forget to put the toilet seat back down.

Seated use

Number one or number two? Buddy’s doing the math for you. Even when you’re sitting down, Buddy’s smart enough to figure out what you’re up to.


In your pocket

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Requires Android 5.0 and up

Requires iOS 12.0 or iPadOS 12.0 later.

Customer case

City loft

From fruit and vegetable hall to warm home.

Discover Nicolas and Chiara's impressive renovation project.

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With a Buddy, you don't have to worry about anything: Buddy ensures that your toilet is always neatly flushed after use. Yet you are always in control. Discover how to get the most out of your Buddy.

High Tech.

In every detail.

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